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Almost all dental services in one place; from the check-up and precise diagnostic to the final resolution of your problems. We can aid you in all the aspects of keeping dental health and we will gladly educate you about the importance and ways of maintaining dental hygiene as well as about the importance of regular check-ups.

Working hours:

Monday, Wednesday: 14-20 h

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 08-14 h

Saturday: on request

Services we offer

Dr. Svebor Bival’s expertise is in cosmetic dentistry, dental surgery including implant-prosthetic therapy, we offer our patients the following services:

Precise dental diagnostics

Each therapy begins with a first check up, which includes an x-ray of ...

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Conservative dentistry

Esthetic fillings, endodontic treatment of root canals and the reconst...

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Periodontal treatment

Periodontal treatment involves tartar removal by means of polishing an...

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Oral surgery

All types of oral surgery like periodontal surgery, surgical wisdom te...

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Includes all kinds of implant protective constructions with the usage ...

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All types of mobile and fixed supplements such as crowns, bridges, ven...

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Stomatology for children

The most important thing with children is to free them of fear when vi...

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Dental hygiene and education

It is very important to teach children, as well as adult sometimes, ho...

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Other services

Except for the services already mentioned, our clinic offers x-rays, b...

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Experience new dimensions of modern treatment, combine the useful with pleasure, save money and time and give your face a smile it deserves.

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