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Book “Healthy teeth – one less thing to worry about”


Health is the most important thing for a person. Unfortunately, we start to pay attention only when we get to a certain age. The thing we might be worried about the least are our teeth. But they are most often the first organ with which our troubles begin. Teeth care begins with our first, milk teeth. Most often, we don’t take care of them enough. We do not check them up regularly.

We do not fix them when we need to. We get rid of them easily. We visit the dentist only when we begin feeling ache. Teeth can cause different, more troublesome illnesses. Teeth infection leaves side effects on other, vital organs like the heart, eyes, kidneys, joints, skin and elsewhere. Rotten tooth or a tooth treated wrongly can actually cause death.


Not even to mention a smile. Have you ever been in a position where you were embarrassed to laugh?

You are not to blame. Your parents should’ve taken better care of it, and they haven’t. Maybe they didn’t teach you the basis of keeping a good hygiene. Maybe they did, maybe they even took you to see the dentist, but the wrong one. We vary. There are good ones and bad ones. Often, we find out too late. Can a patient tell between a good one and a bad one before he/she experiences it on his/her own skin?

Well, now you can!

BOOK – HEALTHY TEETH – one less thing to worry about

This book answers many questions related to teeth health and the way you yourself can maintain the health of your teeth and oral cavity. Some of the questions this book gives answers to are:

  • Why do regular check-ups?
  • How to choose the right dentist?
  • How not to see your dentist as the enemy?
  • What does our cavity consist of?
  • What services and help our dentist has to offer?
  • Which services are covered by the Health Insurance?
  • Are you paying the right amount for the services received?
  • Your teeth are your possession. They are your mirror. Your smile is the first thing other people notice on you.
  • How to save children’s/adult’s teeth which were damaged by an injury?
  • Your smile is a reflection of your personality, your culture and self-confidence.

Have you always been satisfied by the services your dentist has provided for you? How much money have you wasted on bad service and haven’t even been aware of it? Do you know what your Health Insurance covers for the money your regularly pay to them?

Bring all that to an end. You will learn many things you didn’t know about your teeth. You will learn how to distinguish good service from bad. Maybe you will learn that your dentist is really a good one. Then you will know your money isn’t wasted but wisely invested in your health and you’ll have no problems sleeping.

Committed to your well being, sincerely yours Dr. Svebor Bival


If you want to make sure that you’re taking good care of your teeth and that your dentist is doing a good job, click on the link below.

Experience new dimensions of modern treatment, combine the useful with pleasure, save money and time and give your face a smile it deserves.

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