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DVD – Proper hygiene for your teeth


Every third TV advertisement is for some kind of toothpaste. However, I have never seen  anyone ever teaching you how to use all those products correctly.

If you are using them, by your own instinct, you are only doing it partially. You are not to blame. Nobody has taught you how to do it. You should’ve been taught at an early age. Firstly by your parents, then your kindergarten teacher, your primary school teacher. How can they teach you if nobody has taught them how to do it? And, finally, your dentist if he(she sees it as necessary. Watch this DVD and check how much you know about brushing teeth. Correct your mistakes. It will only take a little of your time, and you will save a lot, money and suffering.

The most important, the most efficient and the cheapest thing, when we talk about your teeth, you can do yourselves by keeping the right and regular hygiene.


Do you gladly visit your dentist? Most of you don’t. Why?

Because most of you visit your dentist when the need comes. When toothache occurs. When gingiva starts aching. When you lose an old filling. When your tooth is already severely loose. When you’re missing so many teeth that you can’t eat properly, or even worse, when your looks are ruined?

Certainly, under these circumstances a visit to the dentist is unpleasant, long-lasting and … expensive.

An extract from the film “Proper hygiene, a way to health, beauty and savings.”

You must be sure of yourself and think you’re doing it the right way and regularly enough. In the morning and eventually in the evening you spread a little toothpaste on your brush (which you don’t remember the last time you replaced), you take a little water in your mouth, gargle it, brush a little over your teeth and … that’s it. What’s there to talk about anyway?

If that were so, dentists would have to do any work.

What’s more, when you’re in urgent need for a dentist, due to ache, you will have problems getting an appointment. That’s why this old saying says it best: Prevention is better than cure.

With a desire to help you, yours sincerely Dr. Svebor Bival


Thus, to prevent click on the link and find out more about his DVD “Proper teeth hygiene –the road to health, beauty and savings”

Experience new dimensions of modern treatment, combine the useful with pleasure, save money and time and give your face a smile it deserves.

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