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Medicine is getting better every day. This clinic follows modern trends and technologies in medicine. One of the new things is the usage of PRGF, (Protein rich growing factor). Technology uses own growing factors found in patient’s blood which concentration is then enlarged by means of this special technology, and the factors received are used for better healing of the defect. The result is faster bone healing after teeth extractions and surgical procedures, better bone building when repairing periodontal pockets better osseointegration of dental implants e.g. The procedure is simple and not too expensive. Contact us for more information. Contact us to find out more.


Unfortunately, it’s a known fact that little importance is given to children’s and especially milk teeth. There is a wrong opinion that they are not that important because children will lose them anyway. They do have a great importance for the right development of the jaw and for the function of the whole organism. Child cannot eat properly with unhealthy teeth. Esthetic factor is important as well for the child’s psyche. Nobody wants their child to be called names at school. Right? That’s why our clinic has started a special prevention program for children’s teeth. Each child until the age of 12 will get a free intervention for their teeth for each procedure the parent does, no matter what the procedure is. It’s simple, you get one for one. Regular check-ups for adults, twice a year, and for children four times a year continue to be free of charge.

Experience new dimensions of modern treatment, combine the useful with pleasure, save money and time and give your face a smile it deserves.

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