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Our location

Dr. Svebor Bival’s dental clinic is located in Veli Lošinj

Enchanting healing island and an acknowledged climate healing centre

Natural climate effects with wondrous healing characteristics leave no one indifferent. The healing climate effects were first noticed in 1980 by the well known Austrian medical experts and they then began their scientific research. After several years of analyzing, they had managed to prove extraordinary healing effects of Losinj’s climate. The island is now worldwide known for its climate healing effects. It really has all necessary climatic and natural requirements for people in need of healing, for people who want to recover from their stressful and harmful environment, let’s say it’s a place ideal to charge yours mental and body batteries.

For that very reason, we’ve decided to open our clinic in such a place which will have a positive effect on patients in every single way. If you have in mind a holiday to relax and heal your body, think about a dental check up or a procedure that you’ve been putting off for a long time now, you can be sure that your recovery will be quicker and more pleasant.

Remember, healthy teeth are a basis to an entire well being of a person.

Veli Lošinj

Veli Lošinj was first mentioned in 1398 as Velo selo (meaning „the big village“). The oldest part of it, as we know was first set up in the 13th/14th century, built around a Romanesque church of St. Nicholas from the 14th century. The first settlement was dispersed, houses were built according to where the fields were arable and not in a manner of street lines. There is a tower dating back to the 15th century, which was put up in order to defend the port and the village, as well as to protect the people from pirate attacks.

During the 17th century, the settlement continues to develop in an amphitheater manner around the bay. It’s an urban baroque agglomeration with its square by the sea and two main streets, one, which leads to Velo selo, and the other towards Rovenska bay. Rovenska bay is a fisherman settlement, with houses built in a nucleated urban manner, many stone houses closely settled together.

Interesting thing is that former Veli Lošinj (meaning big Lošinj) was then actually bigger than Mali Lošinj (small Lošinj), but with time Mali Lošinj grew bigger due to its position and the development of ship building. Hence the opposite names we have today, the small one being actually bigger and vice versa.

Experience new dimensions of modern treatment, combine the useful with pleasure, save money and time and give your face a smile it deserves.

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